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HOLY FAMILY (1961) Film Polski

Writer/ Director/ Producer:  Mira Hamermesh

The film HOLY FAMILY is an animation film, where instead of using graphics and drawings, I made use of art book reproductions dealing with medieval Christin iconography. The figures from the icons were animated to narrate the story of the separation and of the destruction of the Holy Family. The drama of the crucifixion is transposed into the cotemporary Jewish catastrophe. The Jewish Christ is thrown off the cross and the sanctified Jewish mother is having her infant Jesus torn from her arms. For sound effects, apart from the sacral music, the only uttered words, carried by an echo, are ‘Jude Raus! Jude, Jude, Jude! The Mood of the film conveys a wounding sorrow for both events, the original crucifixion and the Holocaust.

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