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ONE YEAR AFTER (1968) Israel TV

Writer/ Director/ Producer:  Mira Hamermesh

The film covers the period after the Six Day War and its Israeli military casualties. It follows a number of soldiers in rehabilitations, some of whom, in the struggle for normality, manage to accomplish remarkable feats.


Out of three wounded war veterans, each of whom lost a leg in a truck that was blown up, one became a champion horse rider, another became known as the Don Juan of Tel Aviv who never missed an opportunity to dance in a night club, and the third became a swimmer. A sadder case concerns a bus-driver, a married man with two young children, who lost both arms and an eye, but who has managed through his rehabilitation to return to a desk job in his bus company. 


Mira Hamermesh said: “As a female director delving into the world of war and its aftermath, I was following my lifelong interest in describing the horrors of war. The presentation of the subject matter was blunt, but not gruesome, personal but not embarrassing. There were few taboos in the portrayal of physical injury.”

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