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Writer/ Director/ Producer:  Mira Hamermesh

The title of the film FIGHTERS OF THE GHETTO is derived from the name of a unique kibbutz in Israel, whose members were largely Holocaust survivors. On reaching Israel from various camps and forests where they were partisans, bound by their experiences, they felt the need to stay together. 


As was the custom during the austere immediate post-war years, on setting up a new kibbutz people could usually afford just two brick structures - a children’s home and a cow-shed - whereas everything else was housed in tents. The members of the Fighters of the Ghetto Kibbutz built a third brick structure to house the Holocaust memorabilia that each of them brought from Europe. 


With the passage of time, the kibbutz has grown into a lush, rich community and their memorabilia repository has become an important Holocaust museum. The film explores the attitude of the younger generations to the contents and the significance of the museum, as well as preserving the stories of the participants of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. With the death of many of them, the film is an important document in the history of the Holocaust as narrated in the sunny setting of their beautiful kibbutz. 

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