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Mira Hamermesh's quirky yet compelling film opens at the airport, with officials separating the holy freaks from the tourists. It ends at a psychiatric hospital where doctors divide the deluded from the devoted......surrealistically beautiful. Mira Hamermesh does more than use religious ecstasy (now favourite fodder for TV documentaries) just for colour.

Jeannette Kupfermann on HOLY MADNESS in The Daily Mail 1993  


If you are one of these religious optimists who have been banking on redemption, you might not have to wait much longer. According to Mira Hamermesh's T.V. documentary HOLY MADNESS, there are several messiahs preparing to redeem you right now - and once they get their release papers from the district psychiatric hospital in Jerusalem there will be no stopping them. Native Jerusalemites are becoming pretty blasé about all these Second Comings and goings which, on the whole, are performed not by the divine but by the demented.

Melissa Clinton Davis on HOLY MADNESS in the Independent, 1993
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